CCM Energy Solutions is a specialist energy consultancy that provides tailored boiler room solutions for a wide range of companies and institutions.  Our principal focus is optimisation by improving the overall efficiency of boilers, burners, furnaces and ovens used within the industrial and commercial sectors, as well as measuring, analysing and reducing their Greenhouse Gas emissions.

The rising cost of fuel is leading to an increased focus on fuel-saving technologies, as companies look to make themselves more fuel-efficient.  Our services and products help not only to save fuel via more efficient combustion, but also by allowing their systems to interact with each other and the user, thus minimising inefficient shut-downs and maximising profitability. Our speciality is optimising the efficient and effective use of energy in order to improve our clients’ business sustainability and reduce the impact on the environment.

CCM Energy Solutions’ main aim is to help customers lower their fuel bill AND their greenhouse gas emissions – ensuring that a move towards environmentally friendly energy use need not be economically unfriendly.  We offer a full service consultancy on how your energy needs might be best met and improved via the design of your current appliance. This is made possible by understanding the client’s specific goals and translating these into technical solutions, providing continued interaction and support to deliver the anticipated results.