Limpsfield Combustion Engineering is an industrial burner manufacturer supplying bespoke high efficiency burners for a range of applications, varying from industrial water tube boilers, commercial fire tube boilers to ovens and furnaces. Efficiency, performance, low emissions and fuel savings are what makes their range of burners standout in the combustion field. The burners are an industrial forced draft design, with the ability to burn individual fuels or multiple fuels simultaneously as well as offering gases, oils and liquids through the same combustion head. Their unique forced draft combustion design distributes the combustion air at the burner head so that combustion is optimised at all times ensuring that all the fuel is burnt safely whilst maintaining stable combustion and flame geometry throughout the burner firing range. This results in efficient combustion, excellent reliability and all the time, maximising safety.

Key features of the high efficiency Limpsfield burners:

logo-image  Low consistent Oxygen levels throughout the firing range creates greater combustion efficiency, greater heat transfer and reduced fuel usage
logo-image  Burners operate at sub 3% Oxygen at all firing rates on natural gas and sub 4% Oxygen at all firing rates on diesel or light oil
logo-image  Standard turndown is 6:1 with the split head design and 10:1 with the spider head design
logo-image  Low CO levels (sub 10ppm); low NOx levels if required; reduced harmful emissions to atmosphere
logo-image  Unique stainless steel split or spider head design which distributes combustion air in head for static pressure
logo-image  Unique large rear viewing port; able to see inside boiler and view flame stability
logo-image  Easy access to components; significantly reduced operational costs; reduced maintenance

There are two different burner ranges:

The LC burner series offering burners from 900kW through to 60MW. These bespoke burners are application designed ensuring exact customer requirements are met. This unique design enables the ability to fire on a single fuel source (gases and/or oils) as well as simultaneous fuel sources- two dedicated burner inlets ensure that efficiency is maintained.

The LP burner series offering package burners from 220kW through to 2,930kW. This package burner comes completely pre-wired with burner management system and fuel/air ratio controller, offering a minimum of 4:1 turndown at sub 3% O2 throughout the range.

Please visit Limpsfield for more details about the company’s history, as well as technical information about the suite of products which Limpsfield currently offers to companies in Australia through CCM Energy Solutions.