About Us

CCM Energy Solutions is a specialist consultancy that provides tailored boiler room solutions for a wide range of companies and institutions throughout Australia.  Our principal focus is on improving the overall efficiency of boilers, burners, furnaces and ovens used within the industrial and commercial sectors, as well as estimating and analysing their Greenhouse Gas emissions. 

Under the terms of the Kyoto Protocol and, specifically in Australia, the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act, organisations that emit greenhouse gases have been required to report them since July 2008 and the Government is putting in place punitive measures for any failures to comply with these regulations.  Please see Industry News  to learn more about this legislation.

The rising cost of fuel is leading to an increased focus on fuel-saving technologies, as companies look to make themselves more fuel-efficient.  Our products help not only with saving fuel via more efficient combustion, but also by allowing the boilers / furnaces / ovens to interact with each other and the user, thus helping to minimise inefficient shut-downs.