CCM Energy Solutions is a specialised engineering and solutions provider, representing some of the world's leading product ranges in their field. The company supplies engineering solutions that are designed for each application using high quality and precisely engineered equipment.  Optimisation is our key focus, whether this is through retrofit work or replacement.
logo-image  Improvement to the efficiency of your existing boiler - significant savings in fuel & maintenance costs
logo-image  Cost-effective - improved performance without having to pay huge costs for a replacement boiler
logo-image  Reductions in Greenhouse Gas emissions make your boiler room more environmentally friendly in line with current government legislation
logo-image  Ability to easily and electronically monitor and record all Greenhouse Gas emissions – ensures compliance with Government reporting standards for emissions
logo-image  Short “payback period” – potential cost savings can be accurately forecast prior to installation, dependent on the scale of boiler(s) in use and current fuel bills
logo-image  Consistent after-sales service and customer care
logo-image  High efficiency package burners suitable for gas and/or oil
logo-image  High efficiency industrial burners suitable for all gases, oils and other liquid fuels
logo-image  Pre-heated air burners
logo-image  High turndown burners
logo-image  Low NOx burners
logo-image  Combustion management systems
logo-image  Flame safeguard controls
logo-image  Servomotors, scanners, sensors
logo-image  Burner Management Systems for supply into hazardous areas with ATEX certified explosion proof servomotors and scanners.
logo-image  Full burner and boiler analysis- integration of burner management and boiler management
logo-image  Continuous Emissions Monitoring Software (CEMS)
logo-image  Boiler load optimisation control
A range of different industries are covered.
logo-image  Commercial sector; office buildings, heritage sites, hospitals, hotels, warehouses, shopping complexes
logo-image  Industrial sector; petrochemical, oil & gas, manufacturing, agricultural, process, food & beverage

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