Consulting- CCM Energy Solutions offer full consultancy services for gas and boiler applications, varying from commercial heating and domestic hot water services through to heavy industrial steam applications.
Audit- Site and operations analysis to ascertain utilities consumption (energy, electricity, water) and production levels. This includes emissions monitoring and data logging.
Savings Analysis- Detailed analytical analysis and modelling to develop capital proposals including: energy savings, payback period, return on investment, net present value, cost-benefit and discounted cash flow. Analysis also includes post-delivery reporting and financial modelling.


Project Conception- Initial site analysis and development of engineering solutions depending on timescales and downtime, costs and payback, performance and longevity.
Engineering Design- Full mechanical and electrical design and layout.
Contract Management- Delivery of a range of efficiency improvement solutions for multi-national and government clients, including budgeting, timeline management, contract negotiation, logistics and management of sub-contractors; for individual and multiple sites.


Support- Site and phone support, combustion checks, safety analysis.
Training- On site or office based training for boiler operators and service technicians, including boiler/burner operations, controls and customer specific training schedules.