Autoflame have been at the forefront of the commercial and industrial boiler and burner industries for over 25 years. They were responsible for designing the world’s first micro-processor driven combustion management system, a development which revolutionised the industry. Since then they have remained the vanguard of technological developments in this area, and have supplied combustion management systems to some of the world’s largest and most prestigious companies around the globe. Starting out as a service company in the London (UK) market, the Autoflame Mk1 (1984) brought reliability and enhanced performance to combustion performance on all burners, which until this point relied on mechanical systems. The Mk1 integrated a micro-processor controlled fuel/air ratio control with 0.1 degree accuracy, complete with full proportional, integral, derivative control (PID). Over the years, many advances have been made to the Autoflame controls leading to the current Mk8 Evolution and Mini Mk8 Evolution. These have also been enhanced by the additional components such as the Exhaust Gas Analyser (EGA) for continuous emissions monitoring and 5 parameter trim, Data Transfer Interface (DTI) for remote logging, control and EtherNet based communications and Water Level Control.

Key features of the latest Mk8 Evolution and mini Mk8 Evolution units:

logo-image  12.1" full colour HD multi-touch screen and Human Machine Interface (HMI)
logo-image  Full burner management system and flame safeguard (safety and reliability)
logo-image  Valve proving system complete with high / low gas pressure supervision
logo-image  Fuel / air ratio control for all fuel sources (up to 6 servomotors and/or 2 variable speed drives (VSD))
logo-image  10 term PID loop controller including additional set point control
logo-image  Data logging, reporting and graphical images
logo-image  In-built lead/lag and sequencing control loop
logo-image  Lockout and error coding with up to 128 lockouts and 1,000 point data entry
logo-image  First Out Annunciation with 15 dedicated inputs
logo-image  Steam & heat flow metering
logo-image  Fully metered, cross limited combustion control
logo-image  Water level monitoring, management and feed water control
logo-image  Total dissolved solids management, surface blowdown and bottom blowdown
logo-image  Draft control

logo-image  Exhaust Gas Analyser for O2, CO2, CO, NO & NO2 (NOx), SO2, exhaust temperature and combustion efficiency
logo-image  5 parameter trim on O2, CO2, CO, ambient temperature and ambient pressure
logo-image  CEMS auditing and 2 year trending of emissions including all measured parameters and carbon emissions- CO2 (volume and weight)

logo-image  Data Transfer Interface for remote logging, data acquisition and diagnostics
logo-image  2 year trending of all boiler and burner data
logo-image  Email functionality for boiler lockout to assist service companies and minimise boiler downtime

CCM Energy Solutions are proud to have Autoflame as a partner and are the exclusive Technology Centre for Australia.

Please visit Autoflame for more details about the company’s history, as well as technical information about the suite of products which Autoflame currently offers to companies in Australia through CCM Energy Solutions.

The company currently holds seven worldwide patents on products designed and manufactured in-house, and is the proud holder of The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the categories of Export Achievement (1996), Environment (1997) and Innovation (2007).

Please see the schematic below for a complete overview of the full capabilities with the Autoflame system. For a full interactive demonstration please follow this link.