Sabien Technology are the manufacturers and concept designers for the patented M2G boiler load optimisation control for heating boilers, and also the M1G direct fired hot water heater control. Both products are proven to offer significant cost savings by reducing both the energy consumption of commercial and industrial heating boilers, and by reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Typical savings are between 10% and 25% with quick payback periods of under 2 years. The technology complements existing Building Management Systems including boiler sequencing, loading and weather compensation. Both the M2G and M1G units measure the flow and return temperatures of the boiler and perform continual analysis and control of these parameters. This ensures that the system identifies real heat demands and not simply replacing standing losses from the boiler and pipework. The technology significantly reduces boiler dry cycling and purge losses, which equates to affordable energy savings.
Key features and benefits of the Sabien M2G and M1G units
logo-image  Optimisation solution with typical savings of 10-25% and payback periods under 2 years
logo-image  Low cost per tonne of CO2 saved
logo-image  Complements existing BMS, temperature reset and sequencing controls
logo-image  Patented control strategy based on actual boiler demand on site and using real time data
logo-image  Independently certified, endorsed and verified technology
logo-image  Each unit can be installed within 90 minutes with no system drainage required, minimal downtime for each boiler (under 10 minutes) and the system starts to save energy with immediate effect
CCM Energy Solutions are the exclusive distributor for the Sabien M2G and M1G units in Oceania offering initial site analysis, project conception, data logging, savings calculations, installation, training, support and post-installation project analysis and reporting.
Please visit Sabien for more details about the company’s history, as well as technical information about the suite of products which Sabien currently offers to companies in Australia through CCM Energy Solutions.